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Enfield Town – Season Review 2021/22


2021/22 – Premier League – End of Season Review

Twenty twenty-two. The year that everything came right. The year that everything we’d been striving for, happened. In just twenty-one years, the club has gone from not even existing, to becoming winners of the two biggest competitions in European Club football. We became the first, and fastest (as of 3/12/2013) club to complete the FM14 Dafuge’s Challenge!

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Barclays Premier League (stats)

I was surprised at how easy this season went. For most of the season we were in the top two, with only Manchester City and Arsenal pushing us. I expected more from clubs like United, Chelsea and Tottenham, but they were rather disappointing opponents. Regardless of their performances, we still had to take advantage of the situation presented to us and we responded magnificently to it. Next season I doubt will be as easy.

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Enfield Town – Season Review 2050/51


2050/51 End of Season Review

This season we were chasing a record, a huge record. The most Premier League wins ever. Both us and Manchester United are tied on twenty-four wins apiece. Win the title this season, and we take the record…

Premier League (stats)

So this was the big one. Win this and we break Manchester United’s record. And win it we did! From beginning to end, we led comfortably. We won the league with seven games to spare, losing only once, and then only once the league was wrapped up. I do regret losing that game, as if we’d have won, Southampton would have finished second! But we needed to rest players for the Champions League. C’est la vie. Continue reading Enfield Town – Season Review 2050/51

Enfield Town – Season Review 2049/50


2049/50 End of Season Review

After a month away from this career, I needed to come back to it. The exorbitant demands from players during contract negotiation is what pushed me away, but after some hard negotiation I got them onto contracts that vaguely resembled their value to the club.

We were going to use a new tactic this season, incorporating a Libero, wingbacks and a strikerless front three, resembling a 1-2-2-2-3-0. For the most part, it was a successful experiment, although the libero was eventually dropped in favour of a ball-playing defender with a stopper duty, changing the formation into a 3-2-2-3-0.

Premier League (stats)

A fifteenth consecutive league title and our record-equalling twenty-fourth overall, but we had to work harder for it this season with Man City chasing us for much of the season, though they had a spectacular implosion in their last seven games, which widened the gap between us and them considerably. I genuinely believe that the league as a whole is weaker than it was at the start of the career, especially below the top four. Continue reading Enfield Town – Season Review 2049/50