Enfield Town – Season Review 2019/20


2019/20 – Premier League – End of Season Review

So, here we are! The Premier League! In order for our ground to meet league standards we had to move to Millwall’s ‘The Den’ for eleven months, and we moved back into a ‘huge’ 12,500 capacity stadium at the end of the works. Not very promising for long-term capacity expectations…

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Barclays Premier League (stats)

What the heck can I say? We had the youngest squad in the league, lowest average wage and lowest average player value. We were supposed to go straight back down. Instead, we not only stayed up, but we laid down a statement of intent – that we are here to stay. With one game to go, we jumped up to seventh. After the FA Cup final was played THIS appeared in my inbox:


FA Cup (stats)

A year to forget in the FA Cup, struggling past West Brom after a replay, then being knocked out by an at-the-time top of the league Newcastle in only the fourth round.

Capital One Cup (stats)

A new club best in the League Cup, reaching the Quarter Final! It took a fair bit of luck to get that far, requiring both penalties and extra-time in the previous rounds to get there, before being destroyed by Arsenal.



With a £13.5m transfer budget given, a lot was expected from us. We spent £3.5m! To be fair, we were offered many good young players on free transfers by agents, which kept our spending down significantly. Cristian Caloto became our record signing, and played well. Kilmar Esnal and Marcello Tamburini were also key to our successful season.


I was somewhat sad to see Adedipe leave, but he was nowhere near good enough for the lower echelons of the Football League, let alone the Premier League, despite his great service, it was time for him to go. The rest were backup players from seasons ago who I couldn’t even give away.

Youth Intake

Still no-one worth signing.

Next Season

If we can finish in the top half again, and reach the Europa League group stage, it will have been an excellent season for us.


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