Dial Square – Season Review 2017/18


2017/18 Season Review

Here we are! The Premier League! I was again given several opportunities to run away, with Stoke, Inter (again), Leverkusen, Lille and Atletico Madrid all offering for my services. Again, all were rebuffed. The task ahead was much more daunting than with our previous promotions, and the board gave me £16m to keep us here. The problem is, while we had the money, our reputation couldn’t draw the personnel that would make it worthwhile opening the chequebook…

 Barclays Premier League (stats)

The primary aim was to stay up. And we did so, and did so well. At no point, despite a few runs of poor form, did we look like going down, and we even managed to hover around 10th place for a good while during the season. Only a relatively weak end to the season saw us drop down lower to finish where we did.

 FA Cup (stats)

Not a bad run, though we did play ‘lesser’ opposition until the sixth round, where we met Chelsea. We did well to keep the scoreline respectable – we were second class in all respects during this one.

Capital One Cup (stats)

This was poor. I prioritised the league, and put out a weaker side, but to go out to a League One side was still bad.

My Player of the Season

My £95k signing is coming good! He was consistently very good all season, and was our best player by a considerable margin. Plenty of years ahead of him to improve, too.


IN:  Clayton was one of the best players willing to join, at a fee and wage I considered acceptable. Played at AML, and I hope he improves on the pitch as much as he has in attributes. Daniels was sent on loan by Arsenal under our affiliation agreement. Didn’t really use him, but was there in case I did need to call upon him.

OUT:  Olsson never made the grade, so was let go at the end of his contract.

Youth Intake


Next Season

I hope to build on this season’s finish and attempt to finish in the top ten.


One thought on “Dial Square – Season Review 2017/18”

  1. Great update – always learn stuff from your posts

    Long time reader first time commenter here, I have just started my own blog about my own FM Journey – would appreciate it if you would go an have a look and comment 🙂


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