FC United – The Beginning


FC United of Manchester is an English semi-professional football club currently based in Bury, Greater Manchester. It was formed in 2005 by Manchester United supporters opposed to American businessman Malcolm Glazer’s controversial takeover of the club. The supporters own the club and vote on how the club is run.

The club was founded in 2005 by supporters of Manchester United. Although they had various reasons for their dissatisfaction, the prime catalyst for FC United’s formation was the 12 May 2005 hostile takeover of Manchester United by the American businessman Malcolm Glazer.

Karl Marginson was appointed as the club’s manager on 22 June 2005, and the club held trials for players on 26 June 2005. Just under 900 players applied to take part in the trials, of whom 200 were selected to do so and 17 were chosen to play for the club. By 6 July 2005, over 4,000 people had pledged money to F.C. United and the club had over £100,000 in the bank. During their formation, the owners of Leigh Railway Mechanics Institute FC asked FC United to take over their club, however United refused the takeover offer as they believed that taking over an existing club would be hypocritical, given that FC United was formed as a result of Manchester United’s takeover.

During FC United’s 2012/13 season they were promoted to the Blue Square North on what was their 5th attempt at promotion from the Evo-Stik Northern Premier division. Karl Marginson decided enough was enough and that someone else should come in and lead the club in this new era.

And that’s where I come in…

The five year plan:

  • Promotion to the Football League
  • Win the FA Carlsberg Trophy

The ten year plan:

  • Promotion to the Premier League
  • Win the Johnstones Paint Trophy
  • Build our own stadium

The twenty year plan:

  • Win the Premier League
  • Win the Champions League
  • Win the FA Cup
  • Win the Capital One Cup
  • Win the Community Shield
  • Win the UEFA Super Cup
  • Win the Club World Cup

The ‘it happens when it happens’ plan:

  • Overtake Manchester United on World Reputation
  • Overtake Manchester United on the Rich List
  • Overtake Manchester United in number of all major cup wins
  • Overtake Manchester United in number of all minor cup wins
  • Overtake Sir Alex Ferguson on the managers’ Hall of Fame
  • Have a FC United youth academy player win the Ballon d’Or
  • Have a stadium named after me

This save is my attempt at The FC United > Manchester United Challenge. Updates will be seasonal. I hope you’ll follow it, and maybe even be inspired to attempt it with me!


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